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business direct care podiatry direct specialty care emotional intelligence Apr 12, 2023

A note from a patient went like this...

"I know you’re one of the best doctors in this field, so I’ll see you when I have some extra money."

You know this kills me, right? I want to help as many people as I can. If I was salaried, this would have not been an issue. I'd never have to think about business. I'd never have to worry about ones ability to pay. I'd just let the insurance claim go to the mysterious world of *another department* and carry on with what I am trained to do, heal people.

However, circumstances have changed and if I continued to ignore the importance of watching the finances of my business, I'd already close down. In fact, I went under just 1 year into my insurance-based practice. My bank account was negative! I have always been a financially responsible person and this hit me hard.

If I kept at that rate, who would I be able to help if my business was no longer able to operate? Even charities need money to perform their daily tasks.

I am torn from being a giver to being a business owner on the daily. No where in my medical training was I ever prepared to run a solo medical practice. I was taught that boundaries meant you were selfish and doctors should not have boundaries.

No wonder my clinical friends are leaving medicine. No wonder we read about physician suicide increasing in the news. Where does it stop?

Being the CEO of a business means making hard decisions. The hardest decision I made thus far is creating boundaries. Sometimes I slip and succumb to my natural state of just giving, which hurts my business and mental well being. But I'm now 5 years into solo practice and that was possible by making hard decisions.

When you say yes to something, realize you're saying no to other things.

I am grateful for the people who came into my business trusting me in their care. But I also understand they have to make hard choices in deciding where they will spend.

Do what's right for you, even if it's hard.

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