Hey There Doc!

I'm Dr. Tea Nguyen, a podiatrist & medical consultant. If you landed here, you're probably interested in learning about practicing medicine without insurance, a little thing I call Direct Care.

If you're an MD, DO, or DPM, stick around as I fill your mind with some new & very real possibilities about a simpler way to practice medicine. No insurance means

  • no insurance headaches, (goodbye paperwork!)
  • no overbooking, (fewer patients who have your undivided attention, heck yes!)
  • no accounts receiveable to track, (get paid on time every time)
  • and so much more freedom!

In direct care, it's just you and your patient, and a fulfilling medical practice with less stress and more control in your time. This is the life you've been working so hard for and it's available to you.

Are you ready to create your dream Direct Specialty Care practice?

If so, come along on this journey, I'll be your guide.

Let's go!


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I started with insurance too...

I thought taking insurance was the only way to run a medical practice. Residency training never taught us about Direct Care. Attendings told us "private practice is dead. Just get a job." I even reached out to a trusted mentor when I said I was going to open my practice and he lovingly replied, "Don't do it."

Frustrated with employment and having to deal with inefficiencies and frankly, no control over my time or schedule, I was delulu enough to believe I could do it better on my own. Despite the warnings, I opened Pacific Point Podiatry in 2018.

Hooray!? Almost...

The end of 2019 came around and I was losing so much money my checking account went NEGATIVE. I took out a 6 figure loan, still had my 6 figure education debt, and my husband (also a surgeon) and I purchased a home in California...🫠

Insurance payments were not coming in, staff needed a raise, and the cost of running a business was becoming impossible.

In 2020, I realized I couldn't win the insurance game no matter how fancy I got with billing. Then the three checks I got - sequentially in separate envelopes - all under $0.10 hit a nerve. The stamps were worth more than my payments!

I taped those checks on my wall so I could be reminded of how undervalued physicians were to corporations. We're just a cog in their wheel and easily replaceable.

What I truly wanted was a simple way to practice medicine on my terms so I started opting out of all insurances. I can proudly announce my true freedom happened in 2022. I have been happily unemployable owning a successful insurance-free practice since then and have never regretted that choice. Winning "Best Podiatrist" 3 years in a row validated that my model works!

I will show you EXACTLY how I did it and share some of the mistakes I made early on to save you the heartache too. Coaching is the quickest and shortest way to leave insurance behind. 


What specialists like you are saying...

Dr. Zhang

"Dr. Tea's coaching program has been just what I needed at this point in my life to make a change to have the career I've always wanted and worked so hard to get. I really like the coaching calls where we hear where everyone is and she guides us on how to progress with the next time, no matter where we are."

Dr. Mehr

"Direct care is absolutely the answer. I was hesitant at first, but Dr. Tea helped me take the plunge and I could not be happier. I am in charge of my own destiny and am no longer at the mercy of insurance companies."

Dr. Thomas

"Dr. Tea takes the fear out of transitioning to a direct care practice. Her course is easily consumable at your own pace, and she provides excellent support for any specific questions or struggles that may arise. Whether you're going full cash based, or just adding more cash services to your practice, her course will guide you there."

This is the easiest investment you'll ever make to ensure a successful insurance-free specialty practice

You deserve the life you worked so hard for. Get the roadmap, support, and community to get there faster.