Hey There Doc!

I'm Dr. Tea Nguyen, a podiatrist & medical consultant. If you landed here, you're probably interested in learning about practicing medicine without insurance, a little thing I call Direct Care.

If you're an MD, DO, or DPM, stick around as I fill your mind with some new & very real possibilities about a simpler way to practice medicine. No insurance means

  • no insurance headaches, (goodbye paperwork!)
  • no overbooking, (fewer patients who have your undivided attention, heck yes!)
  • no accounts receiveable to track, (get paid on time every time)
  • and so much more freedom!

In direct care, it's just you and your patient, and a fulfilling medical practice with less stress and more control in your time. This is the life you've been working so hard for and it's available to you.

Are you ready to create your dream Direct Specialty Care practice?

If so, come along on this journey, I'll be your guide.

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In case you didn't know...